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Going Wireless

As you have probably noticed, technology seems to be trending more and more towards the convenience of wireless products. We are always connected 24 hours a day 7 days a week wherever we are with our new smart phones, even when putting down the phone to drive many still use wireless Bluetooth headsets to talk. Wireless mice, keyboards and printers have become the norm instead of a novelty and many new televisions even come with a built in Wifi card to connect with your home network for convenience. Wireless monitors seem to be the last holdout for a truly cable free home or office, so where are they?

So where’s all the wireless monitors?

The holdup is that monitors require much more information to display a vibrant picture than mice, keyboards, printers or phones do to carry out their various functions. This is made even more difficult by the fact that the trend is moving towards high definition at greater and greater resolutions. Luckily, transmission speeds are now catching up and manufacturers are just starting to work on incorporating wireless capability into future monitors.

How you can go Wireless now

While we are likely still a year or two away before wireless monitors really take off and become commonplace, there are still some options that can do the job today.

The Samsung Central Station is not only a wireless monitor but also a wireless docking station that will take the clutter out of any desk. has actually posted a great video with everything you might want to know about this product, feel free to check it out:

For more information on the Samsumng Central Station check out the product on amazon:

Turn your current Display into a Wireless Monitor

There are also several 3rd party wireless adaptors on the market, just plug one adaptor into your monitor and the other into your computer and there you have a wireless monitor:

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